Sion Dey

Sion Dey is a multi instrumentalist and composer. Combining electronics with classical forms, his work carries the influences of the Baroque, Minimalism and experimental music. He wrote the music for I Am Dying, a documentary special for The National Geographic Channel helmed by Academy Award® winning directors TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay. The documentary chronicled people’s final days before death, celebrating their lives and legacy through verité footage, home movies, photos and interviews with friends and family. Producers included Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck and Mary Lisio of Ridley’s Scott’s production company, Scott Free. He has performed in multiple contemporary festivals and venues in between music for film. 
He composed the music for the Darren Aronofsky helmed campaign for the New York Times; short films chronicling the lives of four photojournalists in the search to uncover the truth within various aspects of conflict and displacement. 
He recently completed the score for the debut film of Mobolaji Olambiwonnu, Ferguson Rises. A documentary that presents and examines various perspectives of the town in the aftermath of the killing of Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Produced in partnership with Yoruba/Saxon, this project is executive produced by T.J. Martin, David Oyelowo and Gigi Pritzker. It won the Audience Choice Award at Tribeca 2021. 
He released his debut LP, Folding Walls, published on Manners McDade in May 2021 focusing on the themes of memory and trauma. The artwork and visual media was made in collaboration with T.J. Martin. The album is a meditation on grief surrounding one single event; the disintegration of his parents’ marriage. How an event can affect memory during a period of ‘coming of age’ is the essence of this recordBoth the artwork and visual videos that accompany the album is the work of filmmaker and longtime friend, T.J. Martin. Inspired by neurological imagery of memories forming, both Sion and TJ, attempted to recreate this using plant life. The hazy, embryonic images convey not only memories taking shape but also the amorphous nature by which they are remembered long after they are created.

Sion Dey est un musicien et compositeur britannique. Il a travaillé sur I Am Dying, un documentaire spécialiste pour The National Geographic Channel barré par les directeurs primés d’Academy Award®, TJ Martin et Dan Lindsay. Le documentaire suit les derniers jours de plusieurs personnes avant leur décès en célébrant leurs vies et héritages avec des images-vérité, films de famille, photos, et interviews avec leurs amis et familles. Produit par Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck, et Mary Lisio de la boite de production de Ridley Scott, Scott Free.

Martin et Dey développent également un projet nommé Remember, un programme en trois parties qui examine les problèmes de race et le corps humain. Il a composé la musique pour la campagne primée de Darren Aronofsky pour le New York Times ; des court-métrages retraçant la vie de quatre photojournalistes cherchant à dévoiler la vérité au sein de divers aspects du conflit et du déplacement.

Son dernier projet était le documentaire expérimental Rambin’ Freak. Ce premier long-métrage de Parker Smith a fait sa première au SXSW et a été nommé par l’enquête des Critiques de Indiewire comme un des meilleurs documentaires du festival.

Il est publié sur Manners McDade à Londres et sortira son premier album cette année.


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