Patrik Berg Almkvisth

Patrik Berg Almkvisth is a musician and actor better known as the producer, LUCHS. Born into a musical family, one of his earliest memories is falling asleep every Sunday under the grand piano his father was playing in church. Throughout his childhood, Patrik was surrounded by music and this interest continued to thrive throughout school as he began studying music full time.

After withdrawing from the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, he continued his education within the arts by studying theatre at Calle Flygare Theatre School, Stockholm University and Linnaeus University, subsequently beginning a split career of acting and music production. He has performed on stage, TV and the big screen – from productions at The Royal Swedish Opera and Royal Dramatic Theatre, to voice acting roles for Marvel, Disney, Blue Sky Studios and Netflix. This has created a deep understanding of storytelling, something that is also audible in his music.

“Consuming other art and observing my environment is a crucial part of the creative process. But it’s in the silence I find the most fertile soil for my own creativity to bloom.”

The title track of his 2016 EP Chasing Cloud Nine has now been played over 70 million times on Spotify, whilst the multitrack single Dawning has been played over 115 million times collectively. Rounding off 2016 with the single Her Eyes the Stars, he then released Present Perfect in 2017.

In the beginning of 2020 he released his first full length album Solskur. A series of singles followed, including 145 and its partner 145 – Revisited, and Dagmars Piano, before the full-length Från dagar av vila – translated as  ‘From Days of Rest’ in April 2022 via 1631 Recordings. In December 2022, he released In Vitro (Theme), from the short film of the same name created by Stranger ThingsDacre Montgomery and featuring a score from LUCHS.

New release, the breath series, is an improvised musical diary, where each composition is an unfiltered expression, shortening the distance between artist and listener. breath II is out Friday 20th October via Nettwerk.


Video Vidéo breath I (Official Live Performance Video)

Video Vidéo Ljusnan (Official Video)

Video Vidéo Solskur (live from Giresta Kyrka)

Video Vidéo Apear Studios Stockholm

Video Vidéo Her Eyes the Stars (live from Filadelfia Church)

Video Vidéo Dagmars Piano (live from the Steinway Piano Gallery)

Video Vidéo Vanitas - live at the Nobel Prize Museum