Lucinda Chua

London born artist Lucinda Chua creates elemental soundscapes that hold delicate songs. Her debut solo album, YIAN, is a meditation on identity, love, grief and personal growth. A deeply introspective and fully realised vessel of creative expression, YIAN emerges as a sensual landscape of emotional textures; blending strings, soft keys and intimate vocals.

A seasoned cellist, she toured in Stars of The Lid and FKA twigs live band before releasing two EPs, Antidotes 1 & 2, as a singer-producer-songwriter.

Having performed in unorthodox venues, from the depths of the planetarium to the top of a multi-story carpark at sunset, her cinematic performances bring the music to life, where she approaches the room and everyone in it as her instrument.


Video Vidéo The Maze

Video Vidéo Semitones