Ki Records

Manners McDade are proud to administer the publishing and sync for Hamburg-based label, Ki Records.

Ki is a record label co-founded by deep house producer Christian Löffler in Cologne in 2009. In its ten years of life, Ki has rooted itself firmly in the electronic music scene all the while branching out into different genres with every release. Some albums are more techno, others more melancholic and some playful electro. It’s not Ki’s thing to stick to one direction.

Ki is the Japanese word for tree: “And like a tree the so titled label struck it’s roots deep into the soil of electronic music”. 


Video Vidéo Christian Löffler - Pastoral

Video Vidéo Hior Chronik - When The Night Comes (feat Daphne Farazi)

Video Vidéo Christian Löffler - Lys (feat Menke)

Video Vidéo Kalipo - Mein Glück

Video Vidéo Fejká - Infinity (feat Marie Angerer)

Video Vidéo Christian Löffler - Haul (feat Mohna)