Büşra Kayıkçı

Busra Kayikci is a multi-disciplinary artist based in İstanbul. She started to study in different fields of art at early ages, such as piano, ballet, painting until college. In 2007 she attended faculty of architecture and became an interior architect. With the inspiration and technique she brings from the world of design, Kayıkçı started to work on minimalist and neoclassical compositions for piano.

She released her first single ‘’Doğum’’ and debut album ‘’Eskizler’’ in November 2019. For her second single ‘’Tuna’’ she went to Klavins piano in Hungary and recorded it on a special piano design ‘’una corda’’. Later during the lockdown she released two more singles, ‘’Kuledibi No.1’’ and ‘’Shadows’’. She was selected as finalist for 27th Istanbul Jazz Festival, young jazz contest. On October 2020 her piece Doğum was played at New York Theatre Ballet for a modern dance show and mentioned by Gia Kourlas from The New York Times.

Lately Kayıkçı has been trying to enrich her music by combining electro-acoustic elements and reach the ideal of creating a new sound world.


Video Vidéo Shadows

Video Vidéo Virtual concert with Zorlu

Video Vidéo Doğum Birth