Markus Sieber
Markus Sieber

About A Propos

Markus Sieber is a German artist who records under the pseudonym ‘Aukai’.  His first album offers a collection of ambient acoustic soundscapes and cinematic tone poems that were born of Markus’ desire to create music that could work in tandem with film, video, theater and the visual arts.  Most of the compositions on his debut album grew out of Markus’ love affair with the ronrocco, a plucked 10-string instrument from Argentina.

Together with his Mexican wife Angelika, Markus has circled the globe many times giving concerts for the project Mirabai Ceiba.  They are currently based in Colorado, where most of Sieber’s Aukai project really came together, in the quiet solitude of a winter spent in an isolated mountain cabin.

At the moment, Markus is working on the score for The Tale by Jennifer Fox, starring Laura Dern and Elizabeth Debicki, as well as recording his second studio album.  


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