Kevin Imbrechts
Kevin Imbrechts

About A Propos

Illuminine is a musical project helmed by Flemish composer Kevin Imbrechts, in collaboration with producer Christophe Vandewoude. The duo have released two albums; the first, eponymously titled debut landed in 2015, and this years excellent follow-up, #2. Recorded and mixed at Sigur Ros’ Sunflaugin studio, the new album is a seamless blend of neo-classical music with post rock and ambient influences.

“Every composition is linked to a specific moment in my life, often with major significance. But it’s not important that people know what inspired the music. Everyone can and should project their own ideas and feelings onto the music. Based on the reactions I get, I have the impression that’s successful. Instrumental music is more powerful than vocal music with clear lyrics; it’s much more telling.”


Video Vidéo Amor (feat. I Will, I Swear)

Video Vidéo For What It's Worth (live at Sundlaugin Studio)

Video Vidéo Dualisms

Video Vidéo Llyr

Video Vidéo Dear, Eulogy (live at Sundlaugin Studio)