Alexandra Drewchin is an American artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer currently based in New York, performing in the band Guardian Alien and separately as Eartheater. 

She has released three solo albums – ‘Metalepsis’ (2015), ‘RIP Chrysalis’ (2015) and ‘Irisiri’ (2018) – as well as a number of singles including the most recent ‘High Tide’, released in 2019. ‘Irsiri’ has been described as ‘push[ing] the whole album into a different realm’ (The Quietus), in relation to her use of voice, now as the predominant feature in the music, contrasting to her previous usage of it as a textural element in the music. Her voice provides a range of pitch, textures and vocalisations. ‘Irsiri’ boldly explores the themes of gender, sex and the human.

Drewchin has been reviewed by the likes of The Quietus and i-D and has toured across the US and Europe.

Eartheater has also had music synced to advertisements such as Converse’s ‘The Woman Who Lived In A Shoe’, and catwalk shows from Chanel and Acne. 

Drewchin has also recently collaborated with ‘the Outlands Network’ on the commissioned piece ‘Fracture Patterns’ which toured the UK in June 2019, an extraordinary piece of interwoven music and visuals.

She is due to release an upcoming mixtape in the coming months, Trinity, made in New York and featuring a number of local producers including AceMo, Kwes Darko, Tony Seltzer, Denzxl, Color Plus, Dadras and Hara Kiri.


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